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Reopening Update

We think it’s important to let you know what we’re doing to ensure that our clinic will continue to be a safe environment for our team and our clients. We will be following all the regulations and procedures outlined by the Ministry of Health, Ontario Health Covid-19 guidelines, and the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.


There is a lot of information to share, and your experience as a client in our clinic will look quite different than what you may be used to, so please read the following carefully: 


COVID-19 Screening:


Prior to your appointment, when you receive your appointment reminder, you will also receive a COVID-19 health screening questionnaire. In order to ensure the safety of everyone who enters the clinic, the questionnaire MUST be completed. It is critical that you review and acknowledge this COVID-19 screening prior to your appointment – it is a mandatory step for ALL clients for EVERY appointment moving forward. 


If you have any signs or symptoms, let us know immediately, and we can reschedule your appointment for when you are no longer symptomatic and/or outside of the 14 day period of contact.  If you develop symptoms after completing the screening form, contact us immediately and we will reschedule your appointment.


Note that if your therapist has any signs or symptoms, appointments will also obviously be cancelled. The therapist will not return to the clinic until signs and symptoms have cleared, and a 14 day quarantine has been completed.


Your Appointment:


In order to minimize the number of people in the clinic, particularly in the waiting area, we will be staggering appointment start times. To make this work effectively, for the time being, we will not be scheduling appointments longer than 60 minutes. We will also be temporarily suspending hot stone treatments, as well as cupping treatments.

When you arrive on the 6th floor, all clients will be required to sanitize their hands at the station provided.  We will all be practicing safe physical distancing when at the health club .


Both therapist and client will wear masks for the duration of the appointment. Our therapist will be wearing a new surgical mask for every appointment.  Clients are permitted to wear their own washable/reusable mask.


(Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including face masks has been challenging to source and purchase right now; availability is severely limited, and market forces have driven wholesale and retail prices up considerably.  With that in mind, we are encouraging all of our clients to take this time to find and purchase a washable cloth face mask – get something fun to reflect your personality! Clients that wear their own masks will help us stretch our existing stock of PPE and will help us manage the cost of acquiring new PPE moving forward.  


After your appointment, we ask that you sanitize your hands before leaving the treatment room. We will maintain social distancing as required, at the front desk, if there are other people there. We will not be accepting cash payments, only debit and credit card.


Once your appointment has been completed, we will be scheduling more time in between appointments in order to sanitize the clinic thoroughly. Our cleaning procedures in the treatment rooms will include the treatment tables, headrests, stools, doorknobs, light switches, chairs, pillows, other furniture and all equipment using the “wipe twice” method so that sanitizing solutions have time to take effect ensuring a clean surface.


The Westin Health Club team will maintain our frequent hand washing, which happens before and after every treatment.


All of our cleaning procedures will be maintained regularly throughout the day and be documented.


Impact on Our Operations:


Needless to say these new procedures and the associated new expenses have significantly impacted our operating costs – providing you a safe environment at The Westin Health Club in the age of COVID-19 is now a significantly more expensive undertaking. 


In order to open our clinic we have had to make considerable investments in Personal Protective Equipment, hand sanitizer, and cleaning supplies.  All of these items are difficult to source and the prices of products that are available on the market have skyrocketed due to the increased demand.  We are required to adopt more intensive cleaning protocols during our regular operations.


Due to these increased measures, and the associated cost of personal protective equipment, The Westin Health Club will be temporarily implementing a COVID-19 surcharge of 5.00 plus HST to every booking. This will show as a separate item on your invoice. Once the public health risk has receded and we can return to more normal operations, we WILL be removing this surcharge.


Booking Appointments:


Are you ready for your next massage?  You will find that online bookings start times are not as flexible as they may have been in the past.  As noted we are intentionally staggering appointment start times to limit the number of people in our clinic at any given time, and we need to increase the time between appointments to give us time to clean and turn over the treatment rooms.  


We know that these changes are significant, but we agree with the public health authorities and our professional College that they are essential to provide a safe space for you, and for our therapists.  We fully expect that there will be some procedural tweaks and changes as we move forward, and we ask that you be patient as we all adjust to this new way of providing our services.  


We’re looking forward to seeing you again!

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